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our sourdough offerings
all bread is made using a wild, long fermentation process with local heritage grain flour (grown & milled in arizona), water, & salt


pan levain
wild, long -fermented sourdough rustic loaf
ingredients: local flour, water, salt


sandwich / toast / bread kits
choice of sandwich loaf bread:
  -square or rectangle
choice of spread:
   -chocolate "nutella"-esque
   -salted maple peanut butter
   -pepita dukkah
& postcards


Screenshot 2023-09-12 215658.png

sandwich loaf pan
wild, long-fermented sourdough in square or rectangle sandwich loaf style
ingredients: local flour, water, salt

all of our bread is made using only Arizona-grown grain from Hayden Flour Mills


our butters:

[all are vegan & contain no-refined sugars]

~ salted maple peanut butter [organic dry roasted peanuts, pure organic maple syrup, maldon sea salt]

~ oat & date butter [local fresh pressed oats, local medjool dates, water maldon sea salt]

~ chocolate butter [organic dry roasted almonds, medjool dates, cocoa powder, maldon sea salt)

~ pepita dukkah (*seasoning) [pepita dukkah (pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, coriander seed, cumin seed, fennel seed, marjoram, thyme, oregano, black pepper, sea salt)] *best paired with extra virgin olive oil


servsafe certified baker, selling under arizona's cottage food law

produced in a home kitchen that may process common food allergens and is not subject to public health inspection.

ingest at your own risk.

about us

we're a little family that relocated to tucson from omaha in 2016. I (kait) am the baker and my husband and daughter are my inspiration, support, taste-testers. I've had a passion for bread and baking since I got my first easy-bake oven as a child. Growing up I baked in the kitchen with my dad and now, as a doctorate student at the u of a and a new mother, I decided it's time to take on my childhood dream of making dough, baking funky creations and sharing my passion with others. I started our "mother levain" (sourdough) in january of 2022 and it's been growing, maturing, and blossoming every day since. And now it's grown into it's own microbakery ready to be eaten and shared with the tucson community.

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